From the Excavation to the Scale Model: a Digital Approach

07 Apr 2016

Lyon’s archaeological department took the opportunity of a recent rescue excavation to fulfil two purposes: improving (geo)archaeological knowledge of the city of Lyon while developing a set of tools for scientific mediation. The excavated site spanned 40000 years, from the Würmian period to the 19th century. Occupation from the ancient and medieval periods was the main focus points of this excavation. A 3D diachronic reconstruction was achieved for this site using a fully digital workflow. Stra- tigraphic and architectural data obtained from the fieldwork, or reconstructed afterwards, were integrated into GIS and modelling software to produce 3D volumes. We could produce static high-resolution renderings, a 3D printed scale model of the stratigraphy and buildings, as well as digital interactive media. This project allowed us to explore the interest of 3D both for archaeological research, as a way to develop and validate research hypotheses, and for scientific education.


Emma Bouvard

Hervé Tronchère

Stéphane MOR

Jules Ramona

Aude Fernagu

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