Parametric yoghurt tray


This is a tray designed as a reusable carrying devices for artisanal yoghurts produced by the local cheese factory and shop Fromagerie Neuvilloise Le Gone. It is meant to be 3D printed with FDM 3D printers. The low volume (~300 pieces) should be produced in a month using several 3D printers in parallel.

I created a Rhinoceros3D Grasshopper script and uploaded it to ShapeDiver to create an online 3D configurator out of it.

The online 3D configurator is available here: Yoghurt Tray on ShapeDiver.

Please note that not all configurations are possible, and that this script is pretty much a work in progress and a showcase. The initial demand was for a tray of 2x3 yoghurt pots, and others configurations are optional.

Here is what the Grasshopper script looks like. I factorized some common functionalities under Grasshopper “clusters” which appear as a single block in the picture above. The full graph should thus appear much more complex than it actually looks.